A Professional Steel Framing Solutions Supplier

EZSTEEL supplies high-quality design, fabrication, installation and maintenance of light-gauge steel (LGS) frames and structural steel frames.


Finer, Faster, Lighter, Stronger, Straighter, Better!

A Leading Light-Gauge Steel Framing Manufacturer

We  supply high-quality design, fabrication and installation

of light-gauge steel and structural steel for both residential and commercial buildings.

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We have a vast experience of constructing

both residential and commercial buildings.

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Steel Framing is Stronger, Faster, Straighter, Non-flammable, More Resistant & Sustainable

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Steel Advantages

We specialise in both light-gauge and structural steel

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Mark D.Engineer

I know for a fact that steel frames are so much better than timber frames, and that Ezsteel is always a trusted steel framing fabricator.

Dustin L.Builder

I love working with Ezsteel light-gauge framing products.

Carl C.House Owner

I recently purchased a house made with steel frames and it's been perfect

David N.Home Builder

I've heard good things about steel frames so I've started building my own house using EZSTEEL steel frames. So far so good.

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